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Founded in 2010, UK China Chemical (“UKC Chem”) is a global company headquartered in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, with offices in London and Anhui, China. Since its incorporation, UKC Chem has emerged as an international trading partner providing integrated chemical procurement and supply chain management services to its customers. UKC Chem makes chemical procurement simple, covering all areas, ranging from product selection, quality assurance and logistics.

Why use our services?

UKC Chem makes chemical procurement simple, covering all service areas, ranging from
customer service, quality assurance and logistics.

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Focusing on Customer Needs


UKC Chem listens closely to its customers to supply products and solutions that improve customers manufacturing efficiency and return on investment, in addition to supporting industry growth. Whatever your requirements or unique supply problem, UKC Chem are always on hand to find the best supply solution.

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NBR Latex

A synthetic latex which has a milky colour, a liquid form and is used for dipping rubber for medical, laboratory and supported industrial grade gloves. UKC Chem distributes NBR latex to glove manufacturers in Malaysia, Thailand and India.

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Our experience in the PVC sector and associated chemical manufacturing, aligned with the relationships we have developed with our speciality chemicals suppliers enables us to meet your specific requirements and applications.

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Polymer Additives

UKC Chem specialises in impact modification and processing aids for various applications. Our main products include, acrylic impact modifiers, MBS impact modifiers, acrylic processing aids, PVC foaming regulators, ASA resin and other engineering plastic additives.

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Sodium Hydrosulphite

This product is strength oxidant and is used as bleaching agent for textile and paper making industry, as synthetic for medicine-making, as absorbent for analysis chemical, and as flotation agent of nonferrous colour metal for metallurgical industry.

How can we help you?

If you need more information on product grades and performance characteristics do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.We are able to source a wide variety of products and we work on many projects that require a multitude of materials.  Even though it might not be listed in the products above, we can source just about any material you might need.  Please let us know your requirements and we will provide you with a quotation.

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